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Building Blocks Academy offers children, families, and staff a happy, stimulating, and nurturing environment. Our center fosters a caring community and a strong sense of self.  Our goal is to provide quality childcare that is flexible and supportive of the needs of parents. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is being taken care of by teachers who are committed to excellence and who enjoy children!

We emphasize a positive interaction between children and staff, which includes responsiveness, affection, respect, attitude, patience, conversation, and humor. Our program is based on the developmental model which allows children to make choices, play with friends and/or spend time alone.

Building Blocks Academy has the family feel of home-based childcare combined with the curriculum of larger childcare institutions.  Prior to reforming as Building Blocks Academy, we had over twenty years of experience as the Golden Goose Academy.  We are ‘just around the block’ from our previous location in our new and improved facility.

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Fire Engines of the Imagination

BBA Young Firefighters

BBA Young Firefighters

Charges of the Building Blocks Academy created their own fire engines of the imagination today and learned lessons about the role that real firefighters play in our society, stories of courage and keeping children safe. The Building Blocks Academy hosts the Hopkinton firefighters, who come to teach the students about how to get out of a burning building safely.

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